One day in Lollipop forest, three squirrels sat getting stoned and contemplating the infinite universe and all of existence.
One stoner squirrel said to the others, "I believe God created the Lollipop forest and the Cola River and he designed us in his image."
Another squirrel disagreed with this. "What then of the presence of the god? I see no proof for your nonsense. We squirrels came about from millions of years worth of evolution and natural selection until we were the dominant species of the Lollipop forest."
The third squirrel sat and pondered for a while before saying, "I will cut existence in half. To you I will offer the western realm and to you I will offer the east. Come back to me in one week with all of the followers you can find and I shall judge your theory."
So the two squirrels left to find followers and the third sat for one week smoking all of the weed they'd left behind and enjoying the scenery with Harold the hedgehog.
When the other two squirrels came back he was way too high to make any form of decision so the debate was left unresolved.
They all got high and saw that it was good and from that day forth no squirrel has confined his existence to a belief-structure, because life in the Lollipop forest is too short.